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Bliss is our organic face cream that nourishes the skin while encouraging clear and smooth skin. Suitable for combination, acne-prone, and oily skin types. It is our oily skin moisturiser but can be used as a summertime moisturiser for normal skin types.

Organic Melissa and Witch Hazel Hydrosol – balances sebum, tightens pores, and reduces the appearance of acne spots.

Marine Algae Complex - chelation of the oligoalginate with zinc results in an active compound with antimicrobial, soothing, and reparative virtues. It reduces the production of sebum as well as the growth of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) bacteria to limit acneic tendencies. It also reduces inflammation of the lesions and accelerates healing.

Magnolia Park Extract - confers natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Organic Jojoba Oil

image of jojoba seed

Organic Jojoba Oil is a non-greasy emollient similar to our natural sebum. Jojoba is actually a wax ester, not a true oil.
It is rich in plant sterols, vitamins A, E, and D, chromium, copper, and zinc, plus Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and non-comedogenic.
It moisturises the skin, balances skin sebum, soothes the skin and improves the appearance of aging.


Organic Hemp Seed Oil

      image of hemp seed

Organic Hemp Seed Oil is high in omega 3 and 6 (EFAs), hence providing skin nourishment and preventing trans-epidermal water loss. Organic Hemp Seed Oil is non-comedogenic, so suitable for skin acne. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

image of rosehip fruit

Organic Rosehip Oil provides rich source of beta carotene (provitamin -A), vitamins A, C and E, and Essential fatty acids, provides skin rejuvenating effects so suitable for acne prone skin, mature skin and helps improves appearance of scars.


Organic Maracuja Oil

        image of maracuja fruit

Organic Maracuja Oil commonly known as Passionfruit Oil provides rich source of omega 6, high content of vitamin C and E, carotenoids and polyphenols.  It brightens dull skin, hydrates, alleviates inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Due to high content of vitamin C, it boosts production of collagen and brightens the skin.





*Hamamelis virginiana (organic witch hazel) floral water, *Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) flower/leaf/stem water, Aqua, *Cannabis sativa (organic hemp) seed oil, *Simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba) seed oil, *Persea gratissima (organic avocado) oil, ***Glycerin (from organic source), *Passiflora edulis (organic maracuja) seed oil, Cetearyl glucoside (plant-derived emulsifier), Sorbitan olivate (plant-derived emulsifier) , *Rosa canina (Organic Rosehip) seed oil, *Butyrospermum parkii (Organic shea) butter, Cetyl alcohol ( plant-derived-emolient), Glyceryl caprylate (plant-derived emulsifier), Pentylene glycol (plant-derived emollient and preservative), Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), *Citrus limon (organic lemon) peel oil, Xanthan gum (plant-derived stabliser), Magnolia officinalis (magnolia) bark extract, Benzyl alcohol (preservative), Citric acid (ph-adjuster), Hydrolyzed algin (marine active), *Vanilla planifolia (vanilla) fruit Extract,  Dehydroacetic acid (preservative), Zinc sulphate (plant-derived), **Limonene

*Organic certified ingredients
**Allergen fragrances from natural ingredients
*** Made using organic ingredients
71 % organic of total
87 % organic of total without water and minerals
99 % natural origin of total

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