Summer Skincare Tips for all skin types

A perfect routine will help your skin all year round, it's important to remember certain seasonal changes are necessarily to help maintain beautiful skin.

Here is some of our summer skincare tips to help keep your skin healthy all summer.

1) Improve your SPF Use - the most important step in the your skincare routine in the summer month is sun protection.

SPF should be applied to sun exposed areas everyday, these are includes face, ears, neck, chest and hands and should be reapplied every few hours and more frequently if swimming or sweating. 

Adequate amount of SPF should also be applied to ensure adequate sun protection. For the face and neck, a two finger method (using index and middle fingers) is appropriate amount.

It's important that SPF offers UVA and UVB protection. UVA are longest wavelengths and penetrate  the most deeply where the induce cellular damage. They induce pigmentation effect, wrinkle formation and melanoma formation. UVB is shorter energy and shorter wavelength and responsible for sunburns. By using SPF that offers UVA and UVB protection, you protect against short time and long term skin damage.

When using SPF, aim for SPF 30 or higher. Seek shade avoid direct sunlight for outdoor activities.


2) Switch to Lighter Moisturiser - Use lighter creamy-gel based moisturiser, even though you're sweatier in summer months, your skin still need to be moisturised.

An example is our organic face cream Bliss Balance Face Cream which offers hydration without a heavy feel or sticky feel.



3) Make Sure Your Serums  and Make Up Products are Non-comedogenic

Clogged Pores can lead to breakouts in the summer months. Look at ingredients in your skin care products and make up formulas and ensure low comedogenic scores, also certain ingredients are non-comedogenic by nature, you can see the ingredients below in our organic serums.

For Oily, Combination and Normal Skin types - look for ingredients such a zinc and salicylic acid e.g. zinc marine algae complex and naturally derived salicylic acid in our organic face serum Calibrate Balance Face Serum

For normal, Dry and Mature Skin types - look for ingredients like organic rosehip seed oil and Magnolia bark Extract in our organic face serum Intense Rejuvenate Face Serum


4) Use Retinol Alternative Instead of Retinoid :

There is no definite ingredients that you need to stop using in the summer months, however retinoids in skin care may need adapting.

Summer months are when people notice more irritation with their retinoid due to sun sensitivity.

You either substitute  all retinoids products with retinol alternative such as Bakuchiol; or you can reduce frequency of retinoids use and on the days you are not using retinoid, you can use retinoids 

A good example of retinol alternative is Radiance Concentrate  Veil Protective Concentrate with 2% Bakuchiol as an active with Non-comedogenic oils such as squalane and marine actives that offer sun and blue light protection

We hope you enjoy the summer weather and protect your skin, while keeping our Summer Skincare tips in mind!





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